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 JW Internal War #1 ubersquirrels vs Team YOLO[Finished; Team YOLO wins]

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PostSubject: JW Internal War #1 ubersquirrels vs Team YOLO[Finished; Team YOLO wins]   Wed Jul 11, 2012 7:41 pm

[Only admins are allowed to see this image]
Rules :
1.This war is internal and is 6v6
2.This war is LMS type.
3. No full teams are allowed(Stun Counter AoE Heal Drain/steal)
4. Give and take respect.
5. If any rule is broken, please prove it with screenshots.
6. If the game glitches, the "winner" shall decide about a rematch
7. All matches are 3/5. You may not repeat teams or copy your opponents team.
2 Characters count as a team.
If a rematch is given the characters used by both sides do not count, but you cannot copy your opponents team.

Banned Combos
Gaara +Counter/Stealer/Stunner
Orochimaru + Asuma (S)/Kyuubi/Kabuto (S)/Tayuya/Sandaime/Naruto/Anko/CursedSealSasuke
Mangekyou Sasuke + Neji/Mizuki/Kidoumaro/Sakura (S)/Shodaime
Haku + Sakura/Dosu/Hinata (S)/Gai/Lee/Tayuya/Sakura (S)/NarakaPP/Jiraiya
Kidoumaro + Tayuya/Sakura (S)/Minato/Lee/Ino/Inoichi
Yoroi + Shikamaru(s)/Kabuto(s)/YoungKakashi
Kisame + Izumo//Baki/Oro (S)/Zaku/Shino/Demon Bros/Sai
Itachi + Izumo/Sakura/Sakon/Sakura (S)/Demon Bros/Orochimaru
Neji (S) + Itachi/MS/Preta/Kyuubi/Izumo/Kabuto (S)/Itachi(S)
Kyuubi + Sakura (S)/Chiyo/Sakon/Izumo/Lee/Demon Bros/Obito
Hinata(S) + Itachi(S)/Kabuto(S)/Shino
Baki + Chiyo/Oro (S)/Juugo/Suigetsu
Chouji + Any Healer/Iruka/Shika (S)/Kisame
Kiba + Shigure/Chiyo/Kyuubi/Naraka/Nidiame
Dosu + Kyuubi/Chiyo/Itachi/Sandaime/Kisame BD/Shizune
Torune + Anko/Lee (S)/Kabuto/Akatsuchi
Preta + Shino/Orochimaru/Human Path/Itachi(S)
Kakashi + Shodaime/Zaku/Shikamaru(S)/Karin
Akatsuchi + Fu/Neji(S)/Yoroi/Shino/HInata(S)
Yondaime Hokage + Chouji/Shizune/Counter
Kurotsuchi + Gai
Kisame(S) + Baki/Oro(S)/Shino

Team YOLO Roster:
1. itachi-mylife Eliminated by sandaime1019
2. naruto_1_2_3
3. Curs3d_Legend
4. naruto_owns77 Eliminated by ofrea12
5. SilentZen
6. gaara6979 ~ Eliminated by xsasukex15

ubersquirrels Roster:
1. xsasukex15 ~ Eliminated by SilentZen
2. clue1 ~ Eliminated by Curs3d_Legend
3. sqwerter ~ Eliminated by naruto_1_2_3
4. sandaime1019 ~ Eliminated by naruto_1_2_3
5. ofrea12 ~ Eliminated by SilentZen
6. orochismaru Eliminated by Curs3d_Legend

Good luck faggots Razz

naruto_owns77[1] x ofrea12[3]
itachi-mylife[1] x sandaime1019[3]
Gaara6979[2] x xSasukex15[3]
naruto_1_2_3[3] x sandaime1019[2]
naruto_1_2_3[3] x sqwerter[1]
SilentZen[3] x ofrea12[1]
Curs3d_Legend[3] x Orochismaru [2]
Curs3d_Legend[3] x clue1 [2]
SilentZen[3] x xSasukex15[2]
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JW Internal War #1 ubersquirrels vs Team YOLO[Finished; Team YOLO wins]
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